What we do?

Real estate valuation

The valuation of real estate close to the market price is very important in the transaction process. Avoid damage when purchasing or renting your property lower or higher than the market price. SARECO is a professional real estate valuation in Vietnam. We will let you know why your real estate has that price?

Real estate Consultant

Legal advice, procedures for the purchase, sale, transfer of real estate. Consulting projects, we are managing trading floor, mergers (M & A), a unique project in Vietnam “”. We are currently consulting assignment of hundreds of projects in all provinces across the country, all the projects were completed legal documents

Real estate Agent

SARECO is a professional real estate agent, real estate brokerage, M&A in real estate. Public activity, transparency, compliance law and always respecting customers. With the 3 step working process, simple but closely, customers will feel the professional when using our services

about us

Saigon Real Estate Consultanting Joint stock Company
Reputation, Spirit and Humanities is the core value in our development process

Saigon Real Estate Consulting JSC would like to send you the respectful greeting and deep gratitude for the trust and good cooperation in recent years. Saigon Real Estate Consulting JSC, formerly known as Sai Gon Investment Consulting and Real Estate Corporation, was established in 2000. After more than ten years of operation and ongoing development, by 2012 due to management request, valuation and consulting services is separated into an independent operating company, named Saigon real Estate consulting JSC (SARECO). Is a company specializing in consulting, the strength of the company's valuation and consulting services, consulting legal framework in real estate, buying and selling advice, real estate transferring, project consultant, sale & transfer projects (M & A). Currently we is managing the only Online real estate projects Exchange in Vietnam as "". Hundreds of real estate projects, large and small across the country are listed here and awaiting new investors have the capacity to cooperate. We are looking forward to continue to get the cooperation and support from value customers in the future. Respect!

  • Local knowledge
  • Understanding market prices
  • Owning large Real estate database
  • HR is our strong point

Our team

Our team are friendly and enthusiastic, please contact them to feel and assess ...
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Mr. Hoàng Phương (Lucas)

Valuation & Consultant Manager O914.O71.978
16 năm kinh nghiệm công tác, 12 năm trong ngành BĐS. Đã từng đảm trách các vị trí: Giám đốc BĐS T&T, TP kinh doanh tiếp thị Intereal Nhiệt tình và thân thiện
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Mr. Hoàng Hà

Sales & Marketing Manager O968.O89.779
Mr. Hà là người thân thiện, dễ gần, nhiệt tình trong mọi việc. Làm kinh doanh BĐS từ năm 2006, 10 năm kinh nghiệm. Câu nói: “Đã chọn nghề là sống chết với nghề”
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Ms. Băng Tâm

Legal Consultant O9O6.423.845
Ms. Tâm, Luật sư, tốt nghiệp Đại học Luật HCM năm 2005, đã từng công tác tại Vietcomreal, ACB. Hơn 10 năm kinh nghiệm tư vấn các thủ tục pháp lý bất động sản.
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Mr. Nguyễn Thảo

Project Legal Consultant O9O3.342.567
Mr. Thảo, cử nhận luật, luật sư Đoàn Luật sư TP HCM. 16 năm làm công tác pháp lý bất động sản. Gốc người Huế, là người cẩn thận và có trách nhiệm.


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