Real estate Valuation

The valuation of real estate close to the market price is very important in the transaction process. Avoid damag when purchasing or renting your property lower or higher than the market price.

SARECO is a professional real estate valuation and consulting Company in Vietnam. With nearly 20 years experience in valuation & consulting in Vietnam, we have a rich source of data as a basis for real estate valuation. We commit to sending a experience team with over 10 years working to do for you. In recent year, SARECO have been appraising hundreds of properties, warehouses, restaurants, hotels and projects. Refer the properties and projects that were by SARECO at “About us” section.


                                                          The valuation will help you avoid damage when dealing

SARECO perform professional valuation, with the strict procedures, we ensure you will feel happy when using our services. Go to the “Real estate Valuation” section to learn more about our valuation service.